08 March 2008

Google Reader

What the crap? I FINALLY get a blog reader thing....

Now, it seems to be changing the feeds. they still APPEAR to be the same, but it seems to be adding another blogs feeds into what appears to be another blog being fed into my feed.

Does that make sense? Do I need to switch blog readers?


Kathy said...

Not sure I follow, but you may be interested in a post I just put up today. I explain how you can bookmark feeds instead of using feed readers. Not trying to persuade you any differently. Just wanted you to see other options if it helps you.

Have a great weekend!
Kathy The Junk Drawer

dawn224 said...

I had some weirdy weirdness yesterday - my askmoxie feed (parenting blog) included a whole bunch of posts from some British gossip feed. It was interesting :) Only happened the one time though and seems to have straightened itself out.

~JJ! said...

Me too. I've had some issues too.

Phoenix said...

I think Google Reader was having some trouble last week. Mine kept adding more posts than people had actually written. Oh wait they had written that much.


But it was having issues last week.

Amy said...

The same thing happened to me on Friday!