03 January 2008

Math, Round Heads, What will NEVER be the name of our child and Yall Need Glasses

Seriously - every single one of you needs glasses. But I love y'all. I really do. Thanks for boosting a gal's ego. My actual point was not that I chew cud and moo for communicating but that when I look at a photo, I see a totally different me than when I see a mirror.
Comments overheard tonight from Mark while he was watching coverage of this caucus crap:
"Man, that guy has a PERFECTLY round head - but he isn't fat. How is that possible?"
"That guy is one big brown blob" (guy had a brown shirt, brown tie, brown jacket, brown hair, brown eyes and a fake brown tan)
"Honey, I can concentrate better on the election stuff when you rub my neck" (GAG GAG GAG -means I had to sit and watch with him)
"31 minus 23 is how much? Eight? Ok...." (Counting up differences between 2 candidates)
"Are you sure 31 minus 23 is eight? Ok....Remember that."
"How does someone's head get THAT round??"
"Ooooh...that reporter's name is Major. We should name our child Major. Major '13 letter last name' sounds good. Oh wait - No.... Sergeant '13 letter last name' sounds WAY better. Wow. He'd NEVER get beat up. We are naming our son Sergeant."
"Look, he's ahead by 9. Oh wait...no, that's still 8"
"This doesn't qualify as snuggle time?"
"Don't you like rubbing my legs? How about my feet?"

Sadly. I wish I were over-exaggerating on these. But no. All Direct Quotes. Each one of them.


TxGambit said...

Okay first, I didn't get to chime in on the other post but you are so not a cow. Though I can understand, I feel the same with myself in pics... Plus why do I always make a horrible face!!!

Second, that conversation is cracking me up.

At least he doesnt' want to name your future child "Seven" (from Seinfeld, get it?)

I have seen your new last name, at MDCQ II, you are going to have to tell me how to say that!!!! Yikes!

Kathy said...

I feel better. That's exactly the kind of conversation we have in our household. "Man, that guy has a PERFECTLY round head - but he isn't fat. How is that possible?"

Love it!

Badness Jones said...

I'm so giggling right now....thanks.

For the Love... said...

With us it was me saying that I was not watching another frickin bowl game. NO, not the Orange bowl, Gator bowl or the toilet bowl...no more for the love of God...

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

OH my gosh! Too flippin funny!

Tami W. said...

While I do not think you are in anyway cow-looking..I totally relate to how you feel. I see myself in the mirror and see one person and then I see a picture of myself and I wonder why no one ever tells me that I look like a totally overweight person who really needs to do something about the bags under her eyes and who should get all new make up because no matter what she always looks washed out and perhaps a little botox in the crevase in the forehead would be a good idea...
This commentary could go on and on. We are our own worse critics.

I, too, know your new last name and while "Major" might have a nice ring to it when combined with your last name...what nick name would you give a baby named "Major"? Majie? That just sounds stupid.

Have you thought about baby names that you like yet? Do tell.

And, are you taking your folic acid?

You need to take care of yourself because I live too far away to help you, and besides, you are at least a foot taller than me so I wouldn't be able to kick your ass if need be!

~JJ! said...

Deep thoughts huh?

(I wear glasses)

Heather said...

Is Mark related to Mike?? The rub my feet/shoulders comments sound STRANGELY familiar! Mike doesn't pay much attnetion to the caucuses/primaries. I'm the more political one in the family... THANK GOODNESS! I think I'd go nuts with all that math! :o)