16 December 2007

Two Posts...One Day....

Mark asked me weeks ago what I wanted for Christmas. I couldn't make up my mind.

Gift certificates for new hair style...no....wait...how about for nail appts? Oh, nah....maybe one of those kits you can use to make candles (even though I have never done it and it may look like fun but please remember that I have a history of trying something one time and then HATING it and never touching it again). Nah. No candles... Crap.... I dunno want I want.

So... Mark said "Honey, you are constantly bitching that you have NOTHING to wear. Would you like clothes"?

Ummmm.... OK. Actually I would. He has great taste. I just don't want to tell anyone what size I wear. But I guess I love him and all and aren't supposed to have secrets. So I told him what size I wear adn what size shoes I wear.

So he spent all day yesterday shopping. And today, he said "honey, let's go shopping together but when it comes time to buy stuff for you, I need yu to disappear".

So we did.

Now, I am banished to the bedroom. He is in the gameroom. I hear sounds of wrapping paper and tape and scissors. And I can't stop smiling.

I have no idea what I'll get, or if it will fit. But its the fact that he literally took HOURS today and HOURS yesterday to pick stuff out for me. And I love him just for that.
Expect a post soon about our conversation last night about naming our future child/children.


Badness Jones said...

That boy's a keeper! Lucky you...I want clothes, and someone to buy them for me!

Kelly Malloy said...

I don't know what I want either! Hubby finally said tonight - "I know you need jeans, go to Old Navy, pick out a few pair of jeans and I'll wrap them up!" Hey it's the thought that counts!

Mama Drama Jenny said...

I love this post so much.

You guys are both lucky to have each other because you are both fabulous.

Phoenix said...

A man who likes to shop is a good thing.

Can't wait to hear the name post. I adore names.

Gina said...

That is so cool, I am jealous as my husband doesn't know crap about clothes. He has a hard time dressing himself, much less me.

Heather said...

What a sweet post!

Heather said...

Awww! My hubby has great taste, but he rarely buys me clothes. How awesome that Mark is so thoughtful!!!

Amy said...

that's really sweet. =)