19 December 2007

Something is Wrong With Me


I watched this damn show on Monday.

And Tuesday.

And tonight (and its on 2 damn hours tonight)

and I cannot. turn. it. off.

What the CRAP is wrong with me?

Please. Someone help. Its on one more night after this.

Please?? Help me?? I am sitting here KNOWING this is a waste of brain cells. and yet, I can't change it. I know this is a bit of music with sappy crap mixed in to try and get votes, and yet I fuss at Mark when I can't hear it.

I need help. I admit it.

p.s. - this game is SOOOO Much FUN. Found it again in my favorites. Now that that damn show is over, I've been playing this.

Can someone please send me some help? Or a margarita?


Gina said...

I have successfully resisted that show, I used to sing in my college choir, and I knew I would get hooked.

And, what kind of margarita would you like my dear? I make a good mango one...

AJsMom said...

Get me away from that game! I suck at it, but I did get one that was only 87 miles off.

Badness Jones said...

OH, enjoy the crap tv now. Before you know it you'll be passing out in your kid's bed at 8:00. Just like me.

Tami W. said...

I have resisted watching that show because I do not enjoy watching people or groups get voted off. They all try so hard and I do not know if I trust that the winners are decided by telephone votes by the common television viewer.

If you enjoy the show...watch it WITH the margarita and you will enjoy it even more.

And, uh, thanks for showing me a new way to waste time at work. I have already identified 1 place but then I have been off over 7,000 miles on most of the others!

Kristen said...

K, i just spent 10 minutes on that game site. Yikes!
I think I would like that show if I had tv!

TxGambit said...

I have been watching that show. I actually like it.... Yikes! But, I do not like the voting off part. Just glad that they each get to perform every night.

I would have liked to just see them all have fun and sing all week!

Oh well. Gonna go check out the game now. (Like I need another one to play!)

Jessica said...

Yay Team Lachey!