31 December 2007

Mama Drama Con Queso II & Other STuff

Fun Times Coming Soon!! Live in Houston? Join us... Don't live in Houston? Southwest Airlines is your answer!!

I have spent all day yesterday in bed unable to move. Literally. I pulled something in my neck. I managed to stand up one time (10 minute ordeal) and went to take a sip of my drink and could not lower my arm it hurt so bad. Mark came in, took the drink and lowered me back into bed. My arm stayed up for about 20 minutes until I could move it.
Today, its much better, but I am still unable to lift my head up or turn it to the right at all. All I can do is look down or a bit to my left.
Happy Frickin' New Year....now pass the muscle relaxers.


Badness Jones said...

OH poor you! I'm glad your hubby is there to take such good care of you....milk it for all it's worth!

Feel better! Happy New Year!

Phoenix said...

Oh honey that sucks. Go to the doctor, seriously. I hope it's better soon.

Southwest Airlines huh? One day I will I promise. I'd love to meet you all.

Kathy Frederick said...

Oh, man. Really pitying you. That kind of pain is horrible. I'd almost rather have a toothache. Sending the good vibes your way and hope you feel limber in the morning!!!

~JJ! said...

Feel better.

My friend hasn't moved to Texas yet, but as soon as I am planning, you'll be the first to know.

Happy 2008!

Anonymous said...

Feel better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish you a wonderful 2008. And have fun at your party!

Gina said...

Oh ack, I hope you are feeling better, my dear Margaret!

Happy New Year to the happy newlyweds!

Kristen said...

OH! I hope you are better soon, how horrid.
Happy New Year anyway:)

Heather said...

Oooooo! MAN! There are few things in this world worse than that! I hope you're feeling better soon!

My hubby's aunt is going to Austin this week, but alas I can't go along. Have a blast and have one for me!

Anonymous said...

Nowhere near you, but I'm sorry to hear about your neck. That really is the most miserable thing to deal with. Feel better!!

SouthernBell said...

Have you seen a doctor?
By the way, hi! I'm Christina (SouthernBell). I stubled across your blog. I just spent Christmas in your area with my family. I grew up down there. Happy New Year!

Mama Drama Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Call the doctor, chica.

And if that doesn't work I have some skelexa and vicodin I can give you.

You must be well for Mama Drama Con Queso!