28 December 2007

I love ALL my neighbors

# of lightbulbs broken on my lights lining my driveway - no less than 14 total (including 7 discovered on Wednesday alone)

# of actual lights (not bulbs) broken so they will not clip back onto the stakes next year - 6

# of fits thrown by myself in the front yard as I rip all of my lights out of the ground, thereby breaking most of the remaining lights, and saying not so quietly "This is bull @$&*, I should be able to have nice @$&% in my yard but NOOOOOOOOO" as Mark asks said teenagers to stay away from me, our lights and our yard - 1.

I have NEVER taken down Christmas lights prior to New Years. This year, December 26th. And it wasn't pretty. But, the 7 kids who were playing soccer in front of my house and in my yard quickly moved down the street after my fit (but not before one of them said "Ma'am, I don't think we broke your lights, ma'am". Granted, it may not have been their soccer playing "skills" that broke my lights and it could have been the basketball "players" next door. Whatever.

I love them. I really, really do.


Kathy Frederick said...

Margaret -- Well that just stinks. Sorry to hear you've had so much trouble. All I can say is "Eventually they'll move away." Sigh.

Heather said...

This makes me glad that the Havenosenses hibernate all winter long. Just keep repeating the title of your post to yourself and breathe deeply. What morons!

shay said...

You made me laugh...does that make it a teeny bit better?

Oh and thanks for the comment on my fireplace. I really love it too. It started out as one of those uggers 70's things and my super hubby worked his magic;-)

Badness Jones said...

It's okay honey...I'm gonna fed-ex you a cocktail, right now!