28 November 2007



I don't know much about Manolo shoes. I have a giant foot and I am sure they don't make them in giant size.

But see - Teeny Manolo? They Rock. Always fun stuff to read. They find the best celebrity photos.

What makes them rock-a-riffic is they are giving out gift cards. 50 bucks and 150 bucks (US) to Amazon.com.

And folks - ain't nothin' better than a gift card this time of year. But sssshhhh....if I win, the only presents I will be buying are for ME. Yes. M.E. hahahahahah. Don't tell Mark. Or my family. Or my dog and cat.

Go check 'em out. Tell Glinda (hee hee - not her real name) that I sent ya. Or don't. Either way, if you link to them, you are entered.

And if you win, I will be very jealous but in the spirit of the holiday, I will be happy for you.


Anonymous said...

Good luck.

Thanks for checking up on me...Much appreciated!

Glinda said...

You've been entered into the contest, thanks for the link!