20 November 2007

Just call me Your Royal Highness, please

So my new pal, Badness Jones (rockin' name btw) tagged me.

And to add another reason why she's infinitely cool - she breaks rules on meme's. I do too. HAH.

So she asked for 7 things we would do if we were Supreme Ruler of the World.

Only 7??? Are you KIDDING me??? I have 847 things I'd do.


1. In light of the holiday a few days away and the massive amounts of turkey I will consume - I, as Supreme Ruler of the Universe- do hereby declare that someone needs an antidote to the tryptophan (sp??) in turkey.

2. I hereby eliminate bullies. Yes, I, all 33 years old of me, work with a bully. He's an asshat bully (Thanks for the word, AGAIN, Phoenix for sharing ASSHAT with me). I am going to have a chat with my boss on Monday.

3. As Supreme Ruler of the Universe, I hereby mandate a mandatory bedtime for the teenagers on my street. I still do not like them.

4. I would like for it to be acceptable by society for women to have curves. Ta-Dah- as Supreme Ruler of the Universe - it's done. It's OK to have curves.

5. I hereby make it one of Margaret's Rule's of The Universe that every man must go WITH their women to get a mani/pedi. Or even just a pedi. No making fun, just do it. You'll love it.

6. I hereby make it law that someone comes over and cleans my castle as clean as it is now in preparation for hosting dinner for 16. I like this clean stuff. I do NOT like having to scrub, and scrub and clean and everything. Your royal highness is not a slob but this clean is a bit insane.

7. In all seriousness - as supereme ruler of the universe - I hereby make it law that will NOT be disobeyed - that we all take a few minutes of each day and just say thanks for our individual blessings. One day out of the year isn't enough. I know 2 people going through very tough struggles with cancer and all the BS in the world I go through isn't at all a comparison to what they battle every day.

So.... I know.... not the best. But what I have after a day at work and cleaning my castle.

Anyone else have something to add? Tag...you be it.


7.5 - I hereby declare myself the richest person ever.

Was that wrong to add??? :)


Gina said...

I would totally be your willing subject!

Badness Jones said...

Love it! Love it! Love it! And my dad is going through cancer treatments right now too...you're right, everything else pales in comparison.

Your highness....(I'm curtseying, the Princess taught me how!)

Anonymous said...

I love your #2. Wonderful.

Tami W. said...

As a two time cancer survivor I can say that simply surviving makes me the ruler of my universe! I wish I could rule the entire universe but for now I will settle for being ruler of mine.

As ruler of my universe I:
1.Take naps as needed.
2.Do not cook.
3.Eat off of paper plates so I do not have to wash dishes.
4.Go to 24 hour Walmart at 1:00 in the morning if I feel like it.
5.Get mani's and pedi's regularly.
6.Allow my kitties access to walk on the kitchen counters.
7.Buy fun things with my spare money instead of saving it because I might need it in the future.

If I were t be SUPREME ruler of all the universe I'd probably do exactly the same except I'd make spitting in public an offense punishable by the death penalty.

For the Love... said...

I was just checking in...then I find out you are supreme ruler of the universe...So how about a little help here? Could you just blink the five of us home tomorrow and spare us the 11+ hour trip????????

Hope you had good turkey day...

Phoenix said...

I luv it. I was tagged and I'll get to it eventually. I love the last one, I'm sure it shouldn't be a problem.

Family Adventure said...

Excellent meme. I love a rule breaker :)

I also really enjoyed Tami's reply.