24 October 2007

Still on a break

But HAD to post this.

I have cried quite a few times this past week to 10 days. (no one died, no one hurt - just sheer exhaustion from too much work). Will explain more soon.

But none of the tears I have shed lately compared to the tears I am wiping from my eyes over this.

Truer words have never been spoken - Things won't change until we change them.

Miss y'all.


Jenny said...

Oh. This makes me hurt. But it also makes me want to make changes in the world and guess that's the point, right?

Hugs to you, my friend.

Phoenix said...

That makes me so sad. And it sucks that it starts so young. My niece is not even 6 and she asks if she looks cute. SHe's been teased for being too skinny. It shouldn't happen in kindergarten, but it does.

Heather said...

Everyone is self-concious about something and when one kid calls another too fat or ugly or too skinny it usually stems from jealousy or from trying to draw the attention away from themselves. I WISH we could make kids understand that everyone goes through this kind of thing growing up and that your body goes through so many changes before you reach adulthood that you can't control. It only matters if we make it matter and that's what too many people do.

I hope you're doing okay. I'm still taking it easy on my blogging too. I just can't commit to regular installments right now. Hope things turn around and you can quit crying soon. Until then, I have two shoulders if you need them. :o)