10 October 2007

i've been tagged and I am breakin all the rules!!!!

OK, so Tami got me with 8 Random Things About Moi.

Here are the rules:
Players start with eight random facts/habits about themselves.People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules. At the end of your blog post, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

Of which I am kinda ignoring and posting....DRUM ROLL PLEASE ( I am SUCH a rebel)

8 Random Wedding Facts about Our Wedding

1. No one (and I mean everyone but my best friends husband who had the marriage license and was looking for him) attempted to ensure the preacher was at the wedding prior to the actual ceremony. He got there literally as I was walking down the stairs. Literally. I heard people saying "Hey, look! There's the preacher"
2. Mark was chewing gum up at the gazebo. I think I whispered "Babe ---- GUM?!?!" and he swallowed it. Well worth the 7 years it supposedly rots in your stomach, right?
3. Mark forgot to button his suit coat - which NO ONE noticed. Looks smashing in the pictures, I tell ya.
4. I got absolutely LIT on our wedding night. I think it was pure de-stressing. Lots of champagne (combined with 90 degree heat WOO HOO), beer, more champagne, more beer and some of those small bottles of liquor that now come in flavored vodkas like apple, lime, grape. Mmmmm
5. I don't remember all that much about our vows - except thinking - HOLY CRAP I am doing this again and it feels so much better and HOLY CRAP I am not listening to a word the preacher was saying.
6. Everyone was pouring down sweat (am i the ONLY person who uses that phrase???) at the ceremony. The preacher was so bad in his black preacher suit that Mark gave him the rag he was holding onto for that reason. Our B&B is now short a facecloth.
7. Someone spilled champagne on my dress - but since my dress was champagne colored, I didn't care. And the fact that I had already consumed a few glasses of champagne.
8. Spanx? Best thing EVER. Seriously. Everyone needs some. I adore Mr. or Ms. Spanx who invented them. I love you. Forever and ever.
8.5 On the following day we went to Natural Bridge Caverns Drive Thru safari. I got to touch a baby zebra. A momma zebra stuck her head in our car and ate food off my lap. Several other unknown type animals did too. But I touched a baby zebra. (Pictures coming soon....I promise)

So now I need to tag people

Feel free to break the rules - tell us about your wedding. Or if you aren't married - tell us 8 random things about you!

I tag:

Mama Lee
For the Love

Love y'all!!!!

By the way, I will be posting more stories about the wedding and expounding on some of the above and of course....pictures too!


Heather said...

Great post!! I love detials like that! I'd have puked for sure drinking that much!
Thanks for the tag!

TxGambit said...

I love the post!!!

Okay, okay..... I'll play. Just random things about me though....

Anonymous said...

LOVE this post! Sounds like a wonderful time, complete with the essential funny situations that'll make you laugh in 30 years.

And thanks for the tag! I'll get to it soon - PROMISE! xoxo

Phoenix said...

SOunds like you had a blast. I can't wait to see pictures of the baby Zebra.

You know, I don't think anyone remembers the vows or really listens.

I'll do it tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

So much fun...I'll get on it soon... You know me..I can't ignore a tag!

Jane said...

Awww, so beautiful. I am happy just reading about your happiness.

Tami W. said...

Yay! I have a new friend to play with!! Thanks for participating in the meme.

I loved your stories. There surely would have been pukage if I had combined liquor the way you did, so my hats off to you for living to tell the tale.

And a zebra stuck her head in your car and ate food off of your lap? How totally cool was that! I can't wait to see pictures.

And you've given me an idea to do an "8 Random Things About BOTH of My Weddings" AND "8 Random Things about BOTH of My Divorces"...ya think anyone wants to read such madness?

Catazon said...

Love the facts! I got totally lit my wedding night, too...nothing wrong with that! The cleaners wanted to know what the red trail of stains down the front of my dress was, and I had to admit it was part of one of the jello shots that got me totally lit.

TxGambit said...

I forgot to say that we went to that same place a couple of years ago.... The kids LOOVED it!

We loved feeding all the animals. They loved the zebras especially.

dailone said...

I have two favorites: Yvette zip front sport bra from Amazon ($29.9) and Champion Molded Cup Racer from Target ($18.99) - love, love, love them!