21 September 2007

Second Post in One Evening, AKA, Mark is "helping" with the wedding planning

The wedding is 2 weeks from tomorrow.

Mark is "helping"....a lot. A whole helluva lot.

1. Music - we don't have the same taste at all. So we are compromising. I pick a few songs. He picks a few songs. The music will play after the ceremony while we are taking photos before we go to the restaurant.
Here are my choices (and I welcome your input as to which I should come down the stairs for the actual ceremony)
Choice 1
Choice 2
Choice 3
Choice 4

2. He has decided we need this for the actual ceremony. Or maybe this.

3. And to go along with the frickin tent, we need about a dozen of these. Because some people may not want to stand for the entire 20 minute ceremony. Even though there are some benches for about 8 people to sit on.

4. Did I mention that we are taking his Honda Civic? So our crap, plus this tent and 12 chairs and us? HAHAHAHAH. No. So now we need to find out wh can take them for us. Someone with a truck. HInt. Hint.

5. I wish I had a fast forward button on these next 2 weeks. Ready for it to be done. Over. Finis.


Phoenix said...

I love all the songs. But 4, Lost in the Moment is so beautiful. It's my choice.

I'm so excited for you guys.

Phoenix said...

Hey are you getting a video guy?

Cause you may not remember it all later and I'll need details. :)

Anonymous said...

Valentine was our song.

It'll be over in a blink. Try to enjoy this!

For the Love... said...

If I was closer I could arrange a truck to haul everything you need. I have a giant flatbed trailer that is large enough to hold 2 full sized tractors.

It is shame that stress could take any of the fun out of the next two weeks.....I am excited for y'all!

TxGambit said...

Wow. I like all the songs a lot! But, I really like God Blessed the Broken Road.... *sigh* Rascal Flatts!

I can't believe it is soooo close! I'm very excited for you.


Anonymous said...

I like choice one for the song...

Stephanie said...

Yep. Lovin' Rascal Flatts.

The last few weeks before the wedding usually suck. It's true.

But they pass, and then there's... the MARRIAGE!! Hee!

Jessica said...

I vote Valentine, but Rascal Flatts is a close 2nd. I wish I had a truck! Two weeks and counting...how exciting!!

Jenny said...

I love the first song but they're all beautiful.