09 September 2007

The Big Date

Actually kinda went over 2 days. Don't worry, its not as thrilling as it may sound.

Saturday morning we got up and did some house tidying. Ain't that romantic?

We finally got up and went to pick up my wedding shoes and purse. See, isn't love grand?

Then we went to the photography store. And spent an hour and a half. I KNOW you are jealous.

Mark got his wedding present - 4 weeks early. He wanted a new tripod for his camera. Love....aaahhh...

We couldn't decide where to eat. The place we thought we'd go (we decided against Fogo DeChao - we weren't dressed for it), but the other place was packed. Next door to the photography store was Wendy's and McDonalds. That would have been soooo nice and romantic.

So we went to a yummy Mexican place and then to Best Buy. I know you wish you were me. A romantic evening at Best Buy....

He actually bought my wedding present for me. Something I kept seeing on TV and wanted. It's kinda a video game thing. Not kinda...it is. Don't judge me, dangit.

We came home and each proceeded to play with our respective presents. Love = tripod and a Nintendo DS.

I ended up sleeping on the couch. He has the starting of a sinus infection or a cold and coughed ALL night long. And tossed and turned. Finally around 12:30, I couldn't take it anymore. Yep, play the 'Bom-chicka-bom-bom' music now!!

Today, we got up put on our football shirts and ballcaps and went to the Houston Texans season opener. They won. Now, I tell you, is there anything more romantic than being with 50,000 screaming people? Including the lady in front of us with a VERY loud voice and the biggest hair I have seen since 1986 who cheered every stinkin play and proceeded to yell at the fans around of us who were unfortunately fans of the opposing team?

All in all, as snarky as I am being, it was a good time.

Oh, and to put a cap on the romanticness that was this weekend? I just ironed 2 of his shirts and 2 pairs of pants.



TxGambit said...

*sigh* That sounds dreamy....


Gooo Texans!

Heather said...

Ro-man-tic! Woo! Love is made of enjoying your time with the person you love no matter what you do. Even coughing all night. Which, incidentally, Mike did last night.

Phoenix said...

Girl, I've got a PS2 and I love it. Now I suck at most games but I have some that I adore. No worries, you are not alone.

Two, Nyquil, the nasty green one works wonders, just make him take a dose and a half. He'll feel great in the morning and you won't have to listen to him cough.