29 August 2007

CALL THE POLICE - Somethin's Missin!

So on Sunday, when I was returning the carpet cleaner, Mark said "Can you pick me up a bottle of hair conditioner".

So I did.

I forgot to bring it in my car when I got back to the house. After that, its kinda fuzzy.

I *meant* to run back to my car (which is in the garage - it's not like 7 blocks away) and grab it. I just don't know if I did.

Then Sunday night, I cleaned out my car. Which is a hellhole. I literally could live out of my car. I had a can of spaghetti-o's, a nearly empty bottle of windex, a package of napkins, a bottle of speciality shampoo (NOT the conditioner or related to said conditioner) and so much other crap. I trashed A LOT of stuff.

(his comments are in quotes - mine are not)

So, today Mark asked "did you get my conditioner"? ummm. Yes. I definitely did. On Sunday.

"where is it" - ummm....I dunno.

"In your car still?" - no. definitely not. (cause I had already checked 18 times)

"did you bring it in and put it somewhere?" - ummm.... I dunno

"what do you mean, you 'dunno'?" - I think I lost your conditioner

"How do you LOSE a bottle of conditioner?" - Ummm....I dunno (notice a pattern?)

"Seriously, Margaret, you lost a bottle of conditioner?" - Yes. I apparantly lost a bottle of conditioner.

"and it's not in your car?" No. It's not

"Why didn't you bring it inside?" Ummm....I dunno

"Margaret - seriously....SERIOUSLY.... You LOST a bottle of conditioner?" - Yes, Mark, SERIOUSLY - I lost a bottle of conditioner. I checked all the bathroom closets. I checked where we keep the empty grocery bags. There is NO conditioner in this house. Well, there IS conditioner but not YOUR conditioner

"How in the HELL do you..." (Now I interrupt because if I hear 'lose a bottle of conditioner' one more time, he will be a lonely man) - Mark. Honey.... it's gone. I will buy you another bottle.


2 hours later as I am ironing, he comes up and kisses me on the cheek and says "I'm sorry we fought about a bottle of conditioner".

Seriously stop saying those three farkin' words. Before. You. Suffer. And. I. Shave. You. Bald. And. Don't. Need. Conditioner. Ever. Again.


Gina said...

I would play the Mark role in this scenario. But without the kissing and the apology afterwards.

Stephanie said...

Well, he DID apologize. Matthew would never do that.

But he WOULD repeat a phrase ad nauseum just like Mark. Is that a Y chromosome thing?

For the Love... said...

LOL! I could live in my van too...It is time to clean it out when crap starts spilling out when the kids open the door. Hey-it's their crap and they can clean it...I kid you not, there are empty cans, wrappers, pencils, pens, papers and assorted McDonald's toys.

Heather said...

That's exactly why I buzz cut Mike's hair. :o)
He'd never have apologized either. Enjoy it while you can... 10 years and it won't be happening. LOL!