02 July 2007

Hey Baby Let's Go To Vegas

I have said that to Mark quite a few times lately.


My mother feels we should have some special german wedding cake because we are getting married in a german town. Granted, I have never had a german wedding cake, but if she is talking about German Chocolate Cake - ICK. Mark and I both hate coconut.

And as if I need another reason....

My mother feels that us sending out invitation isn't "right". We should just send out announcements and tell people where/when to come.

And the funny part - whenever she mentions the wedding she says, "well, you know is both your second weddings". And she whispers the second half of the sentence. As if we don't know that we were married previously.

It's too late to go to Vegas. We've already put money down.

1 comment:

Phoenix said...

I'm not sure what German wedding cake has to do with getting married in a German town, but it makes no sense to me.

A second marriage is still a marriage. Hell, my best friend is getting married this weekend and it's her second and it will be bigger than the first. If it's right, the only thing that matters is what you and your man want. Although, Vegas weddings can be a blast. :)