29 May 2007

Meme and tagging complete "strangers"

OK - dear, sweet Stephanie tagged me.
-Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
-People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
-At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
-Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they're tagged, and to read your blog.

1. Although I served 8 years in the Navy Reserves, I have a deathly fear of open water. Terrified. I just know that some creature is going to bite me. Or completely eat me. One of the two. Maybe both. And I thought my fear would be better in the Caribbean – but it wasn’t. Then I was scared that I would SEE them coming up to eat me.

2. I have only cheated once on that whole quitting smoking thing. I had one about 3 days after my official quit date. I haven’t had one since then. I still pretty much hate everyone.

3. I have severely sprained both ankles falling down stairs (not both ankles at the same time, but separate falling incidents). One was particularly bad as I had started to paint my toenails the night before and decided I didn’t like that color and didn’t have any remover. So my toenails were half painted. Everyone at the ER had to comment on that.

4. I have been under anesthesia twice in my life. Both times when they make you loopy initially, I have gotten a massive case of the hiccups. And then the giggles. The second time under anesthesia, I had to have one of those block things for my shoulder – you know where the doctor numbs that entire part of your body with a GINORMOUS needle they stick in your NECK?? Yeah, I found it hysterical that here I was with a doctor about ready to put a needle in my neck that I was hiccupping and giggling. He didn’t find it very funny. Nor do I now looking back. But at that point – when I was all loopy? It was F-U-N-N-Y!!!

5. I have bathroom issues with Mark. If he is in the house, I cannot go “potty”. Just can’t. And can’t do it in a public restroom either. Oh god no.

6. I have two dream jobs. One is working at Seaworld as an animal trainer. You know, the person with the sea lions or Shamu? The other is driving the train at Minute Maid Park.

7. I actually worry about if my dog or cat think I favor one over the other. I try to give them equal amounts of love and attention. But sometimes, one gets a bit more. So then I compensate. It’s insane. For example, right now, I noticed that I put “dog” first at the beginning of this. It bothers me. I had my cat first – therefore, shouldn’t I have “cat or dog”??? yeah, paranoid about “sibling” rivalry. Crap, I need help.

8. I have only been on 2 roller coasters in my life. One was so scary that I screamed so much the paramedics were waiting when I got off…apparently I was screaming “Help” at the top of my lungs. Haven’t been on one since.

Now, according to the “rules”, I have to tag 8 people.



Toots' and Noodles' Mom
Mama Lee

(if you don't "know" me - I am sorry for tagging you. I reached out to fellow Mama Drama readers and some of my all time favorite bloggerinas)


Toni said...

Thanks for tagging me! I will try and get to it by Friday! Wow- you just stopped smoking? Well done! I know it's not easy- I stillsmoke! I would also love to work with Shamu- just don't think I would look so hot in that wetsuit;)

MamaLee said...

Thanks darling!

And I don't consider us strangers... just starting to be good friends!

min said...

Scared of open water, but dream of swimming with whales? Okay, nothing I write can be that weird. Since we're old friends (aren't we?) it's only reasonable that you tag me. I've got a bit of a backlog, but of course I'll do it!

reevesfarm said...

Thanks for the tag, I did it this morning, still need more coffee....

Kids out of school today, oohhhhh, home all day every day with me all the time no rest for the weary.....

thanks for thinking of me....

Karmyn R said...

I'm laughing at #1 - only because whenever I go swimming in a river - I have to keep my toes out of the water. You never know what is lurking beneath! I know fish can bite and toes are the most delicious.

Gina said...

Oh no, don't be sorry at all!

Sorry it took so long for me to get here, it's been just a wee bit hectic!

Good for you for quitting smoking!

And, I am soooo with you on number five. I am still sort of that way with my husband, even after knowing him for almost seventeen years and being married for almost six!

Jenny said...

Number 5. I feel ya sister.

Sabrina said...

Chica, sorry it took, like, um, forever to get the tag, but I will do it today or tomorrow. Can I use the huge pregnant lady excuse!!! Enjoy your site!!! See you Sat at MamaDramaConQueso!