04 April 2007

My Family

I read this earlier today and the tears welled up.

So following Jenny's lead...

Mom - I am more like you than anyone realizes. I want help people. I want to give. And I learned that from you.

Dad - You are the smartest man I know. About everything. Sports, politics, life. I hope, one day, that I can have 1/100th of your knowledge. Your health scares have taught me to love more, laugh more and live more.

Jon - You are a fabulous brother and have become the most amazing father.

Ann - Thank you for making my brother so happy. You have been a friend when I have needed it, understood me through so much, and buffered between me and my folks.

Emma - My beautiful niece - I adore you. You are very much like me. In looks and personality. I can't wait for more weekends together doing "girl stuff".

Ben - My handsome nephew - I adore you as well. You are such a light in my life. The fact that you love Mark endears you both more to me. You be you - I love you no matter what.

Jeanne - No matter our differences...you are my sister and the mother of Ashley. I love you for all the time you spent with me when I was younger. I am trying to do the same stuff with Emma. And wish I could do it with Ashley.

Ashley - I don't see you enough. Hardly ever. But know that your Aunt Margaret loves you so very much. You are so bright and cute and sweet. You are loved. You are my birthday twin.

John - thank you for taking care of my sister and Ashley.

Chet - My big bro. For being 18 years older than me, you were still my big brother. You watched out for me and made sure I was still part of your family.

Joan - Thank you for being you. I have always felt so special. You have always watched out for me, listened to me.

Chet W - I am so proud of you. In college doing so well. You are an amazing young man. It's hard for me to believe that I have a 21 year old nephew!

Greg - You are an amazing young man as well. Your personality is fantabulous and you have a heart of gold. Your sense of humor is second to none. I am proud to have you as a nephew.

And Mark, my wonderful, fabulous, Mark.

Baby - I love you. You are what I have needed in my life and never had until April 21, 2006. Our future truly begins April 30th. The champagne is in my fridge, ready for popping in the new house...our HOME. Thank you for your patience, love, understanding, laughter and hugs.


swampwitch said...

I love that you are "Just Me" and "Random." Beautiful Post...words that some people never find the courage to say.

Heather said...

What a great thing to post!

Jenny said...

Beautiful! Just beautiful!