20 April 2007

I am so tired of this

Really, this needs to end. I am so f'ing tired of all of it.

It's literally getting closer and closer to home.

And yes, I know, its ALWAYS in someone's backyard.

But it seems like its gettign closer and closer.

And the threats - literally are in my back yard. Less than 2 miles away. Thank God nothing happened.

But really, what can we do? What needs to happen to make people say Enough is Enough?????

And I want to have a child (or two)???


Anonymous said...

What the hell??? I just don't get it either...

Tracey said...

It's scarey, to be sure. A few years back there was a bomb threat at my son's high school. They never notified parents; they never notified the KIDS! They did call the police who showed up with their dogs, but they continued with classes as usual.

Some of the kids got wind of it and called parents; one of those parents sent her daughter back in and grabbed my son to bring him home (he'd not heard what was happening.)

Two days later we got a letter from the school saying they wouldn't suspend the children THIS time for leaving without permission. Can you believe the nerve???

Looney Mom said...

Yup scary. Will it ever end?

And kids? Awwww...