12 March 2007

So....whatcha think???

I seriously *heart* Liz.

I gave her such little guidance (other than I love dark blue and the beach) and she came up with a beautiful blog template for me. And she fixed stuff!!

So, now i need to start labelling my posts. She put in a fancy widget for me with that too.

But all in all - I am so thrilled that I won this contest. I don't have any talents to design stuff. And she made me look like a real blogger!!

Liz - you are the bestest!!!


Heather said...

I LOVE IT! This is gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

Love it. Very classy!

min said...

I'm lost. I thought I was at Margaret's site. Durn it! I must've taken too many pills this morning...everything's so colorful and pretty!