21 March 2007

So Very Proud of My Past

I started my new job on Monday. It's been a few long days. I get there at 6:45 and get off at 4:30. on alternate Fridays, I get off at 3;30. The other Fridays, I have off!!! Woo hoo!!!

So far, so good, right?? Really, it's been great, it has.

There is one girl who seems be a little resistant of the changes.

Let me back up. For 2 1/2 years, I worked for a government contractor. We sent very brave men and women overseas to Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan and other countries in that general area. Basically, wherever the US Armed Services are for the war, we were.

Agree with the war or not, I don't care. I really don't care. All I cared about was providing support to the troops. "We" fed them, cleaned their clothes, fixed their vehicles, gave them housing, gave them water, cool places to sleep. There is nothing, NOTHING that i could ever do professionally that I can ever imagine being so damn proud of. When I was over there, I felt such an amazing pride, such joy, such...i don't even know the word. These civilians are going over there, to make money, to serve the troops, whatever. They are going where most folks don't have the cajones to go. And the troops appreciated it. Thanked us. Loved us for what we did.

This girl I know work with criticized it and said that my old company was working to get our employees killed.

NO. These folks went over there - well educated about the dangers, knowing they may not come home alive. This is a job. Just like going down the freeway to the office building 12 miles away. Its a dangerous job. But it's a job. As a company, they would NEVER do anything to kill their employees. Each employee death was a horrible thing. It was painful. I shed many tears over people I didn't know. And when someone died who I did know, there were times I was I shed many more tears.

So screw her for putting a political spin or whatever. Agree or disagree with the effort, I don't care. But don't criticize what you don't have the balls to do. And don't you dare accuse that ANY company would ever intentionally try and get their employees killed.

Screw Her.


Anonymous said...

The people who worked at the World Trade Center didn't work there knowing they may get killed...and they did.

These soldiers are fighting to protect us.

Do I hate the war? Yes.

Do I respect whole heartedly what these soldiers are doing? Yes.

Screw her.

Stephanie said...

*stands applauding*

Here, here!! I'm proud of you. No matter your politics, support the PEOPLE!!

Karmyn said...

A good friend of mine went to Iraq as a civilian to help support all the administrative needs the Army needed.....she was proud to do it. She knew it was dangerous but felt that it was important to do her part and this was what she could do.