25 January 2007

So Tired

I am tired. I don't sleep well. Not at all. I wake up once or twice a night. Not to go pee or anything. I just wake up. Sometimes I am awake for a few minutes. Sometimes a half hour. Sometimes 2 hours.

I come home from work, feed the dog, love on the cat, cook dinner, eat, do laundry, do dishes, and everything else. There is just so little time.

I am hoping I can sleep better when I am in my (our??) new home with Mark. I am hoping if there is two of us, it will be easier. And yet, at the same time, i am afraid that it will just be harder. Cooking for two is the same as cooking for one. Unless you both have drastically different eating tastes. Two people = twice as much laundry, twice as many dirty dishes, twice as much everything.

But even in my tired-ass state, I know that two people means twice as much love.

1 comment:

min said...

It'll be well worth it...so long as you don't end up killing one another.