24 January 2007

Pick and Choose and PICK AGAIN

OK. So we went and picked out the stuff for the house last night.

We looked at the tile in the model (the model is the same as our house). Decided maybe not. I pointed to a darker tile (keeping in mind, our kitchen, living area and bathrooms will have this tile) and we decided "maybe". Went and looked at a house that HAS the tile. Decided "We really like this". went back to the model. Carried the tile sample to every part of the house (well, because its going to be in a lot of the house). Then went and grabbed 3 of the counter top samples for the kitchen. And fell in love with one. We made our second and third choices and continued on. Carpet - done. Brick - done.

Went and sat with the lady to make the selections in the computer and PRESTO - the countertop wasn't in the computer. Hmmm... So she called people. No countertop being sold by them with that name.

Picture instant going away of any happiness on my end. Gone. Finis'.

So we went with our second choice. She kept insisting we should be happy with our second choice. HELLO??? It wasn't our first choice for a FRIGGIN REASON.

So today, Mark emailed her and expressed his concern about them having samples they don't sell and we weren't thrilled with our second choice.

Get an email back stating she doesn't know why they don't sell it (OK, I am passed that - MOVE ON. I DON"T CARE WHY THEY DONT SELL IT). And said she had a list of what they do sell. Which was severely lacking in the samples we saw last night. Did she send us the list? No... I had to ask for it.

Went on their site. 61 samples that the company makes. About 8 would have worked for us. HOme builder carries about 25 total of the 61. Out of the 8 that would work for us, they carry 3. So now, we think we found one. I am going to make them get a sample for us and hope it works.

I just wish they would understand I have to live with this stuff forever. I have to look at this EVERY DAY. It's not like its a faucet in the guest bathroom shower. It's my friggin countertop in my kitchen.



Ami said...

Thank you for visiting and posting a comment on my blog! Building a house is stressful, isn't it?!

swampwitch said...

Just popped over from Jenny's because I like the verses you have left for her.
We remodeled several years ago. At one point, I said, "That's it ! Out ! Out ! Out !" I can make no more decisions but one: I'm through for awhile. It was liveable. If I had to look at one more swatch, drawer pull, color of paint, door hinge, ...you get the idea? I feel your pain.