18 January 2007

First time the charm??

OK. Well, since everyone has a blog (well, not everyone but LOTS of everyone I know - and don't know) I figured, why not?

So how does one start?

32 y.o.
Living in Houston area
Work in Human Resources/Advertising (great combo, I know)
Live in a townhome with my two "girls" (four legged, furry) - Chloe and Cammie
I have a list of way too many blogs I like to read every day. I feel like I know these people and it's almost a bit wierd.
I watch way too much tv
Play on the computer way too much
Don't sleep enough (is that possible)

I am going to try and add a story every day. Try...who knows. I usually have pretty good stories. Sometimes about friends. Sometimes about work. More often about things that happen on my 38 mile commute EACH way to work. EACH FRIGGIN WAY.

And if I don't have a story, maybe I will tell some stupid, lame joke.

That being said, it's almost 10. which means, almost my bedtime. Still have to clean up the kitchen. Mom or Dad stopping by tomorrow to leave me a book about "How to Buy a House."

Hasta La Pasta, Baby

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