30 January 2007

Did anything funny happen today?

Nope. Not one damn thing.

Hell, did anything even remotely FUN happen today?

Not even friggin close.

In the job search mode. Came home from work. Started looking - AGAIN. Will continue to look.

Dammit. Working on a project sucks. Even though I am a FT employee of my company, still on a project. So when work slows down...ta dah... Thus I am looking.

So, do I have a funny story? Ummm. No.

So I shall vent.

1. June is so damn far away (when we are anticipating closing on the house)
2. I hate that I live in The Woodlands and my boyfriend lives 40 miles away near Downtown. Especially when I need to see him. And no - not a physical thing - just want him near me.
3. I hate the fact that American Idol puts these damn people on who can't carry a note with a bucket.
4. I HATE the fact that I watched Miss America last night and I am no where near as pretty as any of them. How is that fair?
5. I do love the fact that my niece is coming to spend the weekend with me and is going to help me clean my garage in anticipation of the move.
6. I am sick and damn tired of this cold rainy weather. I can handle cold. I like cold weather. I HATE cold rainy weather. Good Lord, I chose to live in Houston - not Seattle
7. I hate the fact that no matter what I do, I can't keep up with keeping the house clean, so I just give up. Same thing with Laundry. Now, my house isn't a pig sty but it could be cleaner.
8. I hate the fact that when I want to talk to someone, one of our cell phones go dead.
9. I HATE that I don't get cell reception in my kitchen. My kitchen is wide open into my living room. I get cell reception in my living room but not in my kitchen.
10. I have nothing right now that is exceptionally positive.

I love my boyfriend.
I love my family.
I love my cat and dog.

OK, that's about it for my positive-ness.

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