21 January 2007

Buh-Bye Katy

Ok - so no more Katy. Mark and I seem to have come to a compromise. (whew...kinda dicey there for a bit) and we have picked a neighborhood in North-west'ish Houston.

Here's the house (not the neighborhood at all) http://www.lennarhomes.com/findhome/plan.aspx?DIVID=HOHLEN&COMMID=4964&PLANID=6302 And I have NO idea how to do a hyperlink. None at all.

Anyhow, then after "settling" we went to another neighborhood. LOVED it. and absolutely fell in LOVE with another house. then saw the Homeowner's dues (yeah not so much love after that). So went and saw the house that we absolutely LOVED in a different neighborhood. However, it's a smidge more than we wanted to spend.

So, we don't know.

We really don't.

My dad is going to look at the first one this week. Give it the good 'ole Dad Construction Inspection.

Who knows.

1 comment:

min said...

I vote for Northwest(ish)Houston. I love it here!